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About NHA

The Noblesville Housing Authority (NHA) was organized in 1978 under Indiana Code 36-7-18 to administer housing and community development programs.

The mission of the Noblesville Housing Authority is to promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity and a suitable living environment free from discrimination.

Goals and Objectives
Goal 1: Maximize use of Housing Choice Voucher allocation to provide housing assistance to low-income families.
Objectives: a) Obtain High Performer status through the Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP). b) Apply for new Housing Choice Vouchers if available. c) Improve reports to monitor and project voucher utilization. d) Continuously improve administration of program to improve efficiency of new applicant intake. e) Ensure integrity of program by enforcing terminations and repayment requirements for non-compliant participants.
Goal 2: Expand Housing Choice throughout Hamilton County.
Objectives: a) Conduct annual landlord outreach events to recruit additional participating owners. b) Participate in community collaboration to identify and provide additional affordable housing opportunities.
Goal 3: Maintain and improve data integrity and collection.
Objectives: a) Review information technology systems and security on those systems using best practices at least annually. b) Research online and paperless solutions for required documents and processes. c) Continuously improve processes to improve efficiency and accuracy.
Goal 4: Ensure Equal Housing Opportunity in housing
Objectives: a) Provide training materials to all participants regarding fair housing rights and resources to report any discrimination. B) Provide annual fair housing training to local government officials, participating owners and landlords, and the general public.
Currently administering two federally funded programs:
Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program providing income based rental assistance to over 230 families monthly.
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement to Hamilton County. Priorities include expansion of the supply of safe, decent, affordable housing, strengthening of the community’s living environment, and the promotion of community services that increase opportunities for economic self-sufficiency which benefits low- and moderate-income persons.
Number of families being assisted:

The Housing Choice Voucher Program assists over 230 families per month with rental assistance. Included in this total are 75 units of HCV Non Elderly Disabled (NED) program for families whose head-of-house or spouse is disabled and under 62 years of age; and 114 HCV units for other qualified families. The HCV program is portable anywhere in the United States and currently we are billing other Housing Authorities for more  than 30 families who have moved into the Hamilton County jurisdiction. NHA currently has more than 200 families on the waitlist for the HCV program.

The Community Development Block Grant Entitlement provides direct funding to not-for-profit entities providing public service activities to over 40,000 households in the past four years; funding for low-income housing opportunities; direct funding to Towns/Cities for infrastructure improvements throughout Hamilton County which must benefit at or below the low- and moderate-income persons/families.

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Jurisdiction includes all of Hamilton County, Indiana.
Audit Reports:

An independent auditor prepares an annual Single Audit for NHA.

NHA Current Staff:

Aimee Jacobsen, Executive Director has been with the Noblesville Housing Authority since December of 2017 and brings 30 years’ experience administrating HUD funded Housing and Community Development programs.

CDBG Program Manager

The Occupancy staff of the housing authority brings over 25 years’ experience in determining eligibility and managing client participation in various Section 8 Rental Assistance (including HCV), Community Development Block Grant and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits Programs.